Monday, May 20, 2013


It feels great to be home, and settled.  Now that I back for the summer, I really want to explore the area that I have known as home for the last 20 years.   I feel like I get tired of being home, but I have a feeling that the Fredericksburg area has a lot to offer.  Either I have been too lazy or just not interested in finding these little treasures, but I know they are out there; I am specifically super excited to experience the bar scene now that I will be 21 in less than a month (finally) and the restaraunts (I feel that I might be becoming a bit of a foodie).  All of this is halted on the fact that I am still 20, and I am not currently working (aka I am flat broke).  But by June I will have an income and I will be the golden age of 21.

These are some of the things making me happy today:

1.World of Jenks- I randomly decided to check out this show and I love it, it's really inspiring and I have to admit, I have a huge crush on Andrew Jenks, check it out.

2. Greek Yogurt- This is growing on me, but honestly it's really good for you and totally fulfills that sweet craving that hits me at night.

3. I am now addicted to hautelook. If you like Nordstrom and sales this is the site for you.

4. Anthony Bourdain- With so much time on my hands, I've grown really fond of the travel channel, especially this man.  He's clever and sarcastic, aka my type of guy.

5. Being super organized- I'm naturally a messy person, but lately staying organized and clean really gives me a fresh start to the day and keeps me productive.


[my new J Crew gold iPhone 5 case]

[a simple summer salad with strawberries and avocados]

[a coral manicure and my turquoise and silver stacked rings]

[homemade pizza with sautéed mushrooms, chicken, and artichokes]

[my shoe collection that is now to large for my small closet]


Thursday, May 16, 2013


Lately, it seems I never really know where home is, I have been traveling so much.  Sure, I love to travel but I love my room and my routine a little more.  Tomorrow, I will finally be settled home after traveling from Italy to school to home to school to beach to school. It's exhausting, it's exhausting even reading that.  So here are the things that are making me the happiest today. 

1.Billy Currrington's 'Let Me Down Easy'- Such an easy song to listen to, although I never really listened to him before today; I'm going to his concert tomorrow.  Interesting how things work out, but I am excited nonetheless.

2.See by Chloe-  My new fragrance.  Clean but perfectly sweet and feminine. Well I don't have it yet, but I've been dropping some serious hints, cough, birthday present, cough.

3.This website, which honestly has inspired so much in my life, from food to fashion.

4.The idea of always having fresh cut flowers in the house.  I want some white hydrangeas right now.

5.The fact that after a long and pale winter, I am finally tan.


 [a painted bowl Rachel got from London that will soon hold all of my studs]

[an old Florence poster that I am so glad my friends made me buy]

[string lights that make my room comfortable and give it a soft glow]

[my favorite italian purchase: a camel colored leather bag]

[a used copy of my favorite classic]


the concept.

You know what.  I really enjoy writing.  Sometimes I think, if I could change what I study, maybe I would take a risk and try to be a writer. But writing to me is more than something I enjoy, it keeps me productive and happy. You might be thinking, that's so cliche Corinne, well there's a reason things become cliches.  Because in my experience, they're usually true.  You should try it, it really is therapeutic.  So, if you have been following my writing abroad, here's my second shot on writing something more applicable to my simple life in the United States.  If this is your first time reading my writing, shame on you, I've been keeping a blog for the last 3 months (in Italy nonetheless). So catch up. I'm kidding.  But I do hope whoever reads this gets some sort of pleasure from this particular blog, because that's the idea.  Simple pleasures that make life fun, enjoyable, happy. 

I've found that looking at the big picture or looking ahead to your future can be useful; but for someone who gets overwhelmed easily, me, it's much more fun to look at the things that are really making you happy right now.  So that's the whole concept, focusing on anything that catches my attention and makes me smile.  I'm going to try to post at least twice a week (fingers crossed), each post containing 5 things that I can't take a picture of, and 5 things that might be part of my surroundings.  Reading this back, it sounds a little confusing, but wait and see, it'll make sense once you start reading.  So start reading.