Thursday, May 16, 2013


Lately, it seems I never really know where home is, I have been traveling so much.  Sure, I love to travel but I love my room and my routine a little more.  Tomorrow, I will finally be settled home after traveling from Italy to school to home to school to beach to school. It's exhausting, it's exhausting even reading that.  So here are the things that are making me the happiest today. 

1.Billy Currrington's 'Let Me Down Easy'- Such an easy song to listen to, although I never really listened to him before today; I'm going to his concert tomorrow.  Interesting how things work out, but I am excited nonetheless.

2.See by Chloe-  My new fragrance.  Clean but perfectly sweet and feminine. Well I don't have it yet, but I've been dropping some serious hints, cough, birthday present, cough.

3.This website, which honestly has inspired so much in my life, from food to fashion.

4.The idea of always having fresh cut flowers in the house.  I want some white hydrangeas right now.

5.The fact that after a long and pale winter, I am finally tan.


 [a painted bowl Rachel got from London that will soon hold all of my studs]

[an old Florence poster that I am so glad my friends made me buy]

[string lights that make my room comfortable and give it a soft glow]

[my favorite italian purchase: a camel colored leather bag]

[a used copy of my favorite classic]


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